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Our Products

Copper / Brass Radiators

Air Coolers

Aluminum / Plastic Radiators

Aluminum Plate & Bar Oil Coolers

Salama designs, engineers, and manufactures a broad range of cores and complete radiators, in various materials and construction, including:

• Copper/brass

• Aluminum

• Mechanically bonded

• Flat fin (copper, steel, brass)

 Serpentine fin (copper, brass)


Solder Coated Copper Fin Radiator Cores:

Solder coating copper fins on a radiator core offers better protection in most corrosive environments than Copon (Epoxy Paint) or Heresite (Phenolic) coatings. Conventional brass tube/ copper fin radiators provide an efficient and economical heat transfer surface, however the relatively light gauge copper fin strip in a raw state can be susceptible to corrosive attack in environments such as;
• Coastal areas & Offshore
• Heavy industrial locations, eg. Refineries, Smelters
• Mine sites – phosphate, coal and salt Solder coated radiator cores are made with solder pre- coated copper fins and conventional solder pre-coated brass tubes. Following assembly, the core is oven baked to provide mechanical tube to fin bond and provides complete solder coated protection of the heat transfer surfaces.

Aluminium  Cooler

Products cover both custom designed OEM configurations and a range of replacement units for the heavy-duty aftermarket.
Salama has a remote-mount Brazed Aluminum Charge-Air-Cooler (RCAC) And Aluminium Plate and bar Oil Cooler product that is very applicable for remote mount applications in the field. Suitable for high pressure (100 psi) as encountered with rads on roofs and engines in basements. Must be used with clean 50/50 EG/H2O (ideally suited for closed-loop remote radiators). Typically cost effective for large engines (>1,000 hp). Salama is the industry leading choice when it comes to charge air coolers.

Salama has Charge-Air-Coolers for many heavy duty diesel engine applications. Please visit our Aftermarket Catalog to browse our wide range of Charge Air Coolers

Salama’s remote-mount fixed Charge-Air Cooler provides CAC heat transfer for many applications, including Roof and Basement mounted diesel engine systems, and isolated systems in the field

Salama provides a full range of Aluminum Plate & Bar oil coolers. We design & manufacture After Coolers, Oil Coolers, Fuel Coolers, Charge-Air-Coolers, Radiators or a combination of cooling services (Combi Coolers, Air+Water+Oil) to meet your application requirements.
► All Type of Diesel Vehicles & Stationary Diesel Engines
► Plate & Bar Oil Coolers for Trucks, Off Road & Industrial Applications
► As per OEM & International Standards
► High Pressure Applications
► Multi range of Tube & Fin Types
► High Thermal heat transfer Capacity & Cost-Effective Products

For HVAC&R Products