About Our Company


About Our Company

Salama Radiator started in 1970, and we’ve sat at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement in the cooling industry. With more than 48 years of experience providing exceptional cooling applications to a variety of industries and established two manufacturing units in Dammam, several workshops and showrooms all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve every potential customer.
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All Our products are based on the industrial product line of Standard Radiators Pvt. Ltd., STANHEX



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Our H&S Policy

(SR) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, contractors, visitors, and clients.

Health and Safety is the key to our long term success. SR is committed to compliance with all international health and safety standards, governmental agencies, regulations, and industry best practices and will use audits to measure, share and improve our health and safety programs.

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Earth-Moving Construction

Our robust cooling systems are engineered to withstand a constant exposure to dust and debris, assuring our client’s minimum downtime. Additionally, the unmatched customisation means our solutions find application in all kinds of construction equipment that include backhoe loaders, concrete pumps, and excavators.


Driven by quality, this performance-critical segment is very demanding of cooling systems and subassemblies consisting of radiators, intercoolers, shrouds and other accessories. That’s why a collaborative approach to design and production ensures no detail is overlooked.


We specialise in the manufacture of extra-large copper/brass cooling systems for a diesel-powered locomotive with to 4000 HP engines. We offer radiators with welded tubes, mechanically bonded aftercooler and plate type lube oil coolers for long term reliability and enhanced performance.


We specialise in customised cooling solutions for captive power generation with a particular focus on the specifics of the users’ environment. Our expertise in integrating with diesel engines that range from below 25HP to above 6000HP helps us meet industrial requirements across the board.


We’ve built lasting relationships with the most significant agricultural firms after gaining a deep understanding of their technology and business over the past few decades. Our designs are based on crucial insights unearthed from these long-term partnerships and prove reliable on the field.

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