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Salama sets the industry standard for excellence in Aluminium and Copper & Brass radiators designed for Automotive, Heavy Vehicles, Construction, Agricultural, Industrial, and Defense applications. Our commitment to quality begins with globally sourced raw materials, meticulously tested in-house, ensuring that our radiator products consistently meet the highest standards designed and manufactured specifically for the aftermarket, while tested to match OE quality. Our radiators are submitted to corrosion, vibration, pressure impulse, thermal expansion and thermal performance tests. With nine branches spread across the Kingdom and three dedicated service centers, we are positioned to provide unparalleled support to our valued customers. With two cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia, Salama Radiators proudly holds industry-leading certifications from AHRI, ASME, and ECAS, and has been a proud member of NARSA.



Copper & Brass





Radiators for Small & Large Engines

Salama Radiator produces radiators of different types and sizes using both pure copper and aluminum-reinforced copper for the most famous American, Japanese, European and Korean brands such as BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Honda, Isuzu, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai andnd Toyota.


Radiators for Trucks & Heavy – Duty Vehicles

Salama Radiator Factory produces state-of-the art radiators for Pucks. buses, and heavy-duty vehicles designed to withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and very difficult operating auditions such as motion and mobility.

Heavy Vehicles

Radiators for Agricultural Equipment

The radiators for agricultural equipment manufactured by Salama Radiator Factory come with strong fins designed to withstand the harsh environment and high temperature conditions typically found in agricultural farms.


Radiators for Earth Moving & Construction

Salama Radiator Factory produces efficient and durable heavy-duty anticorrosion radiators designed specifically for surface-mining and open-pit equipment, such as handling, lifting, and drilling equipment.

Earth Moving & Construction

Radiators for Power Generation

In its effort to support the continuing development and expansion of the electricity generation sector in KSA, Salama Radiator Factory manufactures radiators for electricity generators that meet high engineering and technical standards in providing cooling solutions for electric power generators and adaptors.

Power Generation

Radiators for Defense Technology

Salama is extremely proud to recognize our 40+ years of
experience supporting our military infrastructure with heat enchanters that meet the ultimate in operational
environment challenges.

Defense Technology




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