We aspire to be the prime heat exchanger manufacturer in our region

About Us

Salama Radiator Factory is among the leading and technologically advanced Saudi companies in the field of radiator and cooler manufacturing in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1977 on the vision to become a key player in its market. From its founding, the company’s factory has witnessed great developmental strides in all areas of production, distribution, management and sales, and has succeeded in achieving compatibility with various local and international standards in keeping with the vision 2030


We aspire to be the premier radiator manufacturer in our region by building innovative products that consistently exceed the high standards of quality demanded by our clients.


To build products that do not only meet the highest standards of quality and excellence but also address the needs of our customers and those of society in line with the Vision 2030 agenda.

Our Values


We seek excellence in our people, products, and relationships with our customers because it is what sets us apart from our competitors and what makes us the leader in our industry.


We foster a company environment that encourages everyone to speak up and be heard because they are respected and valued for who they are and for their contribution to the company.

Adapting to new developments

We recognize that in business as in life, change is the constant and is inevitable; we see every new development in our business as an opportunity to grow, so we happily embrace and adapt to it.

Continuous improvement and development

We are never satisfied even with our best efforts because we know there is always room for improvement, whether in our product designs, employee engagement, or with our customer relationships.


We know we are stronger and more successful when we draw from each other’s strength and unique experiences from working in a team to achieve our organizational goals.

Our Clients


Our News

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