Health and Safety

Salama Radiators (SR) is one of the leading Manufacturers of radiators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our product includes manufacturing and maintenance of radiators, oil coolant and intercoolers. Below are the policies that SR are committed and accountable.


Health and Safety

(SR) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, contractors, visitors, and clients.

Health and Safety is the key to our long term success. SR is committed to compliance with all international health and safety standards, governmental agencies, regulations, and industry best practices and will use audits to measure, share and improve our health and safety programs.

SR holds all levels of management and supervisors accountable for providing a safe working environment and enforcing the safe work procedures and practices established by the company.

SR is committed to reduce and eliminate the risks and hazards associated with the work activities to prevent work-related injury and ill-health.

SR provides internal and external training for our employees as it may be deemed necessary to ensure and continuously improve their competence, skills, and knowledge for safe work practices









Employees from every area of the company, regardless of position, will be encouraged to contribute to the company health and safety program. SR encourages the involvement of all workers in the development of the program. We will provide support and promote the program to ensure that safety has the overriding priority.

Employee cooperation and compliance with the health, safety, and environment program is a condition of employment. </br>



Salama Radiators (SR) commits to meet all the environmental rules and regulation and strive to protect our environment through sound practices and decisions.

SR will prevent pollution by striving to minimise waste generation and resource consumption.

SR will establish and evaluate achievable environmental performance goals to ensure continual improvement of its Environmental Management System.

Workers have general responsibilities in protecting the environment.